Finance & Capital

We work with businesses that are scaling, and scaling is not easy! These businesses need to know what they are worth and how much they can spend on various projects. Our experts use various financial models to estimate the valuation of a business and to compare businesses to their peers in the industry. They also use these models in strategic planning to test various scenarios, calculate the cost of new projects, decide on budgets, and allocate corporate resources.

Our Finance & Capital offerings:

Our business plan development services provide support with creating a roadmap for the future of an organisation. This includes support with defining business goals and objectives, conducting market research, and creating a comprehensive plan for growth and success.

Our financial modelling and valuation services provide support with understanding the financial performance and potential of an organisation. This includes support with creating financial projections, conducting valuations, and providing insights into the financial health of an organisation.

Our capital needs assessment services provide support with determining the capital required to achieve business goals. This includes support with analysing financial performance, creating projections, and determining the optimal capital structure.

Our investment readiness and due diligence assistance services provide support with preparing for investment and attracting capital. This includes support with creating a compelling investment story, preparing for due diligence, and presenting information in a clear and compelling manner.

Our capital raising services provide support with securing capital from investors. This includes support with preparing for investment, identifying potential investors, and negotiating investment terms.