Our Recruitment and IR specialists ensure that your company attracts and maintains the right staff, and compliantly dismisses the employees that are not a fit. Our Recruitment offering has especially benefitted our clients:

Anyone can call themselves a recruiter – regardless of their education, knowledge, and experience. This has led to the most important part of any business being compromised – the quality of the team. Recruiters have unfortunately set a low standard of excellence and have charged an arm and a leg without adding much value.

Finovate has a database of more than four million candidates that our qualified team uses to source from. We use state-of-the-art technology to headhunt candidates on various platforms and within various networks. We do generous business with a very relational approach, always looking to be excellent in all we do, while having fun!

Our People offerings:

Our recruitment services help organisations attract and retain top talent. This includes support with sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates, as well as providing tools and resources to make informed hiring decisions.

Our payroll services provide support with processing payroll and managing employee compensation. This includes calculating and distributing payroll, managing taxes, and providing support with benefits administration.

Our industrial relations services provide support with managing employee relations and resolving workplace disputes. This includes providing guidance on labour laws and regulations, negotiating with labour unions, and mediating disputes.

Our HR compliance services help organisations ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations. This includes providing guidance on employment laws and regulations, conducting audits, and providing support with compliance-related initiatives.

Our employer of record services provide support with managing payroll, taxes, and employee benefits for international organisations wanting to employ South Africans. This includes serving as the official employer for workers, managing employee benefits, and providing support with payroll and taxes.

Our organisational design services help organisations optimise their operations and enhance their competitiveness. This includes support with designing effective organisational structures, defining roles and responsibilities, and optimising processes.

Our culture and team development training services help organisations enhance their workplace culture and improve employee engagement. This includes providing training on effective team building, communication, and conflict resolution, as well as conducting workshops to promote a positive workplace culture.