Execute your strategic objectives with the help of our world-class board of advisors. Our International Expansion Projects have proven to be one of our most valuable solutions:

SMEs often have significant potential in international markets but are unable to activate international expansion due to the complexity and risks in the expansion process. The same can be said for businesses seeking to attract international funding or investment, facing huge barriers in the cross-border investment process.

Finovate has an international network of experienced individuals, and a proven process, to help businesses expand internationally. Finovate provides sector-specific services for determining and executing international business expansion strategies.

Our Strategy offerings:

Our organisational health review is designed to assess the current state of an organisation, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for enhancing performance. This includes a review of organisational structure, processes, culture, finance, and employee engagement.

Our development services provide support with growing and improving an organisation. This includes support with defining goals and objectives, creating a roadmap for growth, and executing plans to drive improvement.

Our execution and coaching services help organisations to implement effective strategies and achieve their goals. This includes support with goal setting, planning, and executing initiatives, as well as coaching for leaders and teams to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Our international expansion services support organisations in expanding into new markets. This includes market analysis, regulatory compliance, market entry strategies, and support with establishing local operations.

Our corporate structuring services help organisations optimise their operations and enhance their competitiveness. This includes support with organisational design, process optimisation, and governance.

Our management consulting services provide strategic guidance and support to organisations. This includes support with decision-making, planning, and executing initiatives, as well as coaching for leaders and teams to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Our merger and acquisition support services help organisations ensure successful integration of acquired companies. This includes support with due diligence, integration planning, and post-merger integration.