Systems & Tech

We help businesses streamline their processes, implement cutting-edge technology, and align their people so that they can operate effectively at scale.

As businesses grow, so does their need for streamlined business strategies and technology that can handle scale. Outdated technology or software, poorly designed workflows, and unclear team roles undermine business success and usually cause massive frustrations or stress for the management team.

Finovate brings an experienced multidisciplinary team that includes engineers, accountants, and real-life entrepreneurs. We work with our clients to refine existing processes, implement software suited to their business strategy, and align their people to operate the new technology efficiently. Our hands-on approach is testament to our passion of seeing businesses grow and thrive.

Our Systems & Tech Offerings:

Our business process design services help organisations optimise their operations and improve efficiency. This includes support with mapping current processes, identifying inefficiencies, and designing new, optimised processes.

Our systems implementation services provide support with installing and configuring software systems. This includes support with selecting and installing systems, customising software to meet specific needs, and providing training and support.

Our integration and automation services provide support with connecting systems and automating processes. This includes support with integrating systems, automating manual tasks, and optimising processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

Our project management services provide support with managing and delivering projects. This includes support with defining project scope and objectives, creating project schedules, and managing resources to ensure successful project delivery.